Our society produces about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.

More than 99% of plastics are produced from chemicals derived from oil, natural gas and coal — all of which are dirty, non-renewable resources.

Caf-BioPlastic is an innovative certified compostable plastic. This is a sustainable and renewable alternative to fossil fuel-based plastics. It’s produced locally using our eco-friendly, green technology and meets a wide range of engineering design requirements.

  • It’s made with natural additives — free from synthetic materials
  • It’s non-toxic and BPA free
  • It’s free of melamine resin and formaldehyde.

Caf-BioPlastic can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • as a natural toughening modifier
  • as a plasticiser
  • as an antioxidant and UV stabiliser
  • as a natural pigment.

It could be the sustainable and renewable alternative to plastic that your company has been looking for.


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